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Creativity across all mediums!

Web design and development allows me to be creative the digital world.  It encompasses so much more than meets the eye.  The whole process including research & strategy,  page design & graphics, and then the development of the site – the whole process lends itself to creativity in many different ways.  Whether it’s page layout, fun gifs, or developing advanced designs or functionality, I love the challenge and variety that is needed along the way.   No two projects are exactly alike (kind of like people and crystals 😉)!

WordPress Enfold & Elementor Specialist

Being a web designer/developer keeps me on my toes and allows me to progressively expand my skills. 

I specialize in the WordPress Enfold theme and Elementor Page Builder, but that does not limit me (they just happen to be my favorite and most used).

My out-of-the-box, creative thinking helps to me to find solutions and give each site their own pop of fun!

I take only take on a few clients per year since a lot of my work is done with agencies.  
If you interested in web services click HERE to book a FREE discovery call to see if we are a good fit, and if our schedules align. 

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Recent Work

If you would like a full list of sites I have worked on, please contact me here.​

Client Feedback

"Kathleen was great to work with, she takes initiative, and was punctual in completing deadlines, she has great style and can develop a website that matches the brief and client expectations. I don't have any problem recommending her to other business owners. I will use her in the future for similar work if they arise."
Paolo T.
Austrailian Design Agency
"Kathleen is responsive and skilled. We'll be hiring her again."
Upwork client
US Based Design Agency
"Kathleen is an incredible web designer. She is highly creative, communicative, efficient, and knowledgeable, and she was able to solve virtually every problem we ran into over the course of my project. Not only that, but Kathleen was happy to teach me what I'll need to do in the future if any similar problems pop up and it's just me managing the website. She even made me some tutorials!

Kathleen's ability to take my wish list and turn it into a beautiful and functional website blew me away again and again. She did her best to work in my feedback at every stage of the redesign, and she skillfully took my ideas and worked them into the website design in a way that made them shine. Also, it's worth mentioning that Kathleen made herself very available to have frequent Zoom meetings with me so that we could go over the website together, and she also sent me several video updates of progress she made on the site. Both of these were extremely helpful and made the whole project go much more smoothly than it would have gone without her great communication!

Overall, working with Kathleen was just an absolute delight, and I've already recommended her to practically everyone I know. If you're considering hiring Kathleen for your project, then do it! I'm confident that you won't find anyone more competent, pleasant, or helpful than Kathleen."