Hi!  I would like to introduce myself, I am Kathleen or KT.  I am a creator, maker, and dreamer.  I love to use different mediums and make lots of things.  And, I finally reached a huge goal.

I created a website and it is live!

It is still a work in progress, by all means, but it is up and running.   I have put in a lot of time building this site myself, so I can share my art, in all forms.    I paint, work with clay and resin and also make handmade jewelry.  Here are a few fun facts about me, I enjoy floral photography, my favorite crystal is rose quartz, and I love Disney movies, but who doesn’t.

I will try to post regular updates here regarding the shop.  Right now, I am currently loading my inventory in slowly but surely.  Please keep checking back over the next two weeks to check out what else it being added.



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